• Sandro Henrique Dias Ribeiro
  • Paulo Enrique Cuevas Mestanza
  • Vitor de Freitas
  • Letícia de Fátima Chagas
  • Foued Salmen Espindola
  • Renata Santos Rodrigues
  • Kelly Aparecida Geraldo Yoneyama Tudini
  • Veridiana Melo Rodrigues Ávila



biochemistry, educational game, teaching


INTRODUCTION: The study of carbohydrates, its metabolism and many other fields of biochemistry are often understood by students as a junction of chemical structures and reactions of difficult compression. However, Biochemistry should no longer be seen as an abstruse field, but a way to know the human body and its components, including molecular, structural and functional aspects. Therefore, some alternatives are being evaluated in order to assist and improve the dissemination of knowledge among them highlights are the educational games. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this work is the production of two educational games able to include the contents of carbohydrates and its metabolism in higher education. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The educational games produced were made from available materials and low cost. The games were tested in courses of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology of the Federal University of Uberlândia and the response of the students towards the activities was analyzed. The application, had the presence of trained students to instruct on the activity and correcting. DISCUSSION AND RESULTS: "What is the Carbohydrate?" and "Mastering the metabolism" are two educational games covering the content of structure and function carbohydrates and basal metabolism, respectively. "What is the Carbohydrate?" consists in unravel amid several options the carbohydrate in the hands of the others players. For this, several questions with two possible answers, “yes” or “not”, are accepted each round, and if the player find difficulty in formulating questions, there are cards tips. “Mastering the metabolism” consists in a combination of cards that simulate pieces of a domino that must be mounted following the metabolic pathway of carbohydrates, and as the game progresses, the main points of regulation of the pathway will be accompanied by surprise questions. The games showed great acceptance by students. CONCLUSION: “What is the Carbohydrate?” and “Mastering the Metabolism” are productive methodological alternatives for teaching Biochemistry.




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Ribeiro, S. H. D., Mestanza, P. E. C., Freitas, V. de, Chagas, L. de F., Espindola, F. S., Rodrigues, R. S., … Ávila, V. M. R. (2016). APPROACHING CARBOHYDRATES AND ITS METABOLISM: AN EXPERIENCE FOR EDUCATIONAL GAMES. Revista De Ensino De Bioquímica, 14, 19.



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