A. Filho, M.V. Gonçalves, I. Gutierrez, T. Pitanga, C. Ribeiro, C. Santos, V. Carneiro, M. Teixeira, R.D. De Castro, L.G. Fernandez


he use of games in the teaching learning provides a challenging environment, able to stimulate the intellect and facilitate the knowledge of biochemistry to the student. So, the game is not simply a "hobby" to entertain the students, but occupies place of extraordinary importance in education, contributing to greater learning. In the discipline of  Metabolic Biochemistry for Pharmacy  - UFBA is being used the creation and deploy of games, targeting the teaching of metabolism. The study of metabolism is considered complex because it contains many biochemical processes and simultaneous. There is a variety of information to be learned, especially considered the number of events and molecules involved in metabolism. This work aimed to use game as a support for learning the DNA metabolism. The results demonstrate the importance of this type of work in teaching biochemistry. For the student win the game, it was necessary to demonstrate knowledge gained through literature, the resolution of exercises on the metabolism of DNA, and holding of discussions in the classroom. The dynamics used allowed greater interaction between students and learning about the metabolism of DNA in a way fun. This activity was evaluated by the students through written questionnaires and informal conversations, indicating good acceptance and adoption of this method.


Biochemistry; DNA Metabolism; Education.

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