Application of the game “drugs knowledge in action” as biochemical education strategies

C. D.A. Tavares, V. B. Fernandes, V. R.P. Albuquerque, T. R. Cavalcante, M. S.C. Oliveira


INTRODUCTION: Different learning methods can be used to better assimilate program content. The biochemical mechanism of drugs in our body generally converts lipophilic chemical compounds into products more readily excreted. Its rate is an important determinant of the duration and intensity of the drug's pharmacological action. OBJECTIVES: To show the effect of drugs on the body through play as a teaching-learning tool. METHODOLOGY: For this understanding was applied a game for students of the 5th. Semester of Chemistry, in the discipline of Supervised Internship of the semesters of 2018.1 and 2019.2, totaling 24 participants. The game "Drugs Knowledge in Action" consists of 110 cards. It consists of a deck with three types of cards, drug effects, drug image and drug chemical formula. Each participant (in all 4) received five cards, consisting of three sets of different drug titles. The winner was the one who formed the three sets first.
Each participant resorted to the block of cards and retired until it had at least 9 cards in the hand, when exceeding that number, the other cards should be discarded. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: Biochemical action maps of these drugs were constructed throughout the game. When questioned with the application of a quick QUIZ on the subject, 57% reponed that they were not aware of the chemical formula of the drugs in question. When it came to the effects of these drugs, 89% said they knew them, but some effects are common to two or more drugs. As for drug metabolism in the body only 35% of the participants knew this subject. The majority of the group 87% stated that they have clarified many doubts on the subject. During the game participants exchanged many ideas and concepts about metabolism of drugs. CONCLUSION: The applied game and other methodologies offer greater knowledge to the students and concretely strengthen their learning.


Education and Biochemical; Games; Drugs



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