Journal of Biochemistry Education: disseminating and encouraging the production in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology education

Gabriel Gerber Hornink


The Journal of Biochemistry Education, called previously the Journal of the Brazilian Journal of Education for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, created in 2001 within SBBq, aiming at the dissemination of research work in Biochemistry teaching. In 2012, it underwent several transformations, including a new name, change of electronic management system and expansion of scope. In 2015, began receiving articles in Portuguese, English and Spanish. In recent years, we have sought to broaden connections with researchers from other countries, who currently make up the journal's editorial staff. In order to expand the access to the magazine, we planned several actions of dissemination and indexing, including group in Facebook, indexing in several bases, besides registering in libraries. In this sense, we work to have a Journal that contributes to disseminate research in teaching and also (here the differential) to value and disseminate good practices of teachers in primary and higher education, as well as actions of scientific dissemination. During the symposium, we will present some of this history and work of the team that seeks to improve teaching-learning Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and related areas.


Online publication; Science divulgation

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