Perception of Students from a High School of Curitibanos-SC about "Cell Biology"

Viviane Glasser, Camila Bitencourt, Lohanna Baltar Pinto de Oliveira, Patrícia Maria Oliveira Pierre, Ana Carolina da Costa Lara Fioreze


INTRODUCTION: Cell biology is a subject of difficult comprehension among the topics discussed in Biology in High School. Usually, whether the teacher lacks teaching alternative methods, these classes can become purely theoretical and abstract to students. Moreover, understanding cell biology is essential for learning other subjects, such as Biochemistry. OBJECTIVES: A theoretical-practical course was offered to 20 students from a high school of Curitibanos-SC in order to provide a better understanding of cell biology, as well as to verify whether the students' concept about this topic changed after the course. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Prior to the course, the students answered a questionnaire, composed by questions regarding which topics are studied in cell biology, the student previous experience observing some sample under a light microscope, and other questions for the selection of students according to their interest in the biological area. At the end of the course, the participants answered another questionnaire, including the same question about what cell biology studies, whether they had previously handled a microscope, among other questions that aimed the course evaluation by the participants. DISCUSSION AND RESULTS: The first questionnaire was answered by 37 students, and 64.9% had the perception of what Cell Biology studies. Moreover, 59.5% stated that they had already visualized cells under the light microscope, 32.4% did not observe them and 8.1% did not remember. The second questionnaire was answered by 13 students present on the last day of the course. All students agreed the course will assist them in their studies and were able to explain how, and 84.6% satisfactorily answered what cell biology studies. Also, 92.3% of the students affirmed they had not handled a microscope before attending the course. CONCLUSION: It is concluded that the course improved the students' perception about cell biology, contributing to their knowledge about this subject.


Cell Biology; Course; High School Students

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