Biochemistry on the game board: improvements in the teaching-learning process in basic education

F. A. Silva, R. Rebeca


According to the Curriculum Guidelines of Biology of Basic Education "school should encourage the pedagogical practice based on different methodologies, valuing the teaching concepts, the learning (internalization) and the evaluation that allow teachers and students being aware of the need for emancipatory transformation”.  The teaching of biochemistry and its contents in basic education are not discussed as a structuring content within the Biology subject, but are included in related content such as cellular biology. The objective of this study was to inventory the contents and methodologies related to biochemistry taught by teachers of basic education and produce teaching-learning materials as contribution to these contents from the inventory results. The methodology was developed from the analysis of the questionnaires applied to biology teachers from public schools of Guarapuava-Pr. The results showed that the teaching of biochemistry and biology discipline, although it comes from the same area, are designed as two unattached areas, meaning there is no perception by teachers in relation to the implicit conceptual intercept in teaching Biology and Biochemistry. To this end, the profile of the game Grow was adapted using themes related to Biochemistry. The game consists of 45 cards and a game board with a track. The player who gives more write answers to the questions reaches the end and wins the match. For game evaluation participants answered a questionnaire at the end of the activity. Most of the participants argued that the process has contributed to ensure the assimilation of the contents, since it is a leisure activity with effective participation of students. Thus, the obtained data confirmed the assumption of  Pedroso (2009), which states that the games allow a significant teacher-student interaction, disseminating scientific knowledge from the views and experiences of the student.


board game; teaching-learning; basic education

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