Utilizando a Maquinaria Celular

Fernanda Serpa Cardoso, Luisa B. Gomes da Silva, Dilvani O. Santos, Carlos Rangel Rodrigues, Helena Carla Castro


The cell machinery, especially its molecular biology, is a subject of difficult comprehension and visualization due to its broadness and complexity. In face of this difficulty, the development of new teaching approaches that go beyond the traditional  lectures  and  textbooks  is  needed  to  deal  with  this  issue.  Educational  games  are  an  alternative  for  the teaching and learning processes, working as a tool that makes the comprehension of the subject contents easier and more enjoyable, at the same time it stimulates student's thinking, competition and cooperative work. To facilitate the teaching of Molecular Biology, a game called "Using the Molecular Biology" has been proposed. For its development, a data bank with 48 questions and answers was created based on College textbooks and web sites dealing with this issue.  The  game  uses  the  lymphocyte  B  as  a  cell  model  to  approach  the  processes  of  DNA  replication  and transcription,  and  RNA  translation,  which  are  involved in  the  synthesis  of antibodies. The  game  has  been  originally conceived as a complement for laboratory classes in the undergraduate medical courses at the Universidade Federal Fluminense.  However,  to  broaden  the  use  of  "Using  the  Molecular  Biology"  to  the  High  School,  a  survey  form  was elaborated  and  handed  out  to  nine  teachers  from  private  and  public  schools.  This  form  allowed  us  to  classify  the game  questions  into  three  difficulty  levels  for  teachers  and  students,  according  with  teacher's  opinion:  easy, intermediate, and difficult. This material has been offered to the schools registered in the "The future in the schools" Project, where  it was tested  and used  as  an educational  tool  complementary to the traditional  Biology  classes. The student's receptivity to and the efficacy of this support material have been evaluated.


Maquinaria, Molecular Biology, DNA replication and transcription, RNA translation

DOI: https://doi.org/10.16923/reb.v4i3.58


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