Wikipédia As A Learning Tool

M.D. Büttenbender et al


INTRODUCTION: It is common to use websites as references for research in schoolsettings. Wikipedia emerged in the mid-2000s promoting a big change compared to otherencyclopedias, mainly because it is in digital form and allow its users to create and editinformation contained therein. Due to its easiness of use and readiness, it gainedprominence as a research resource and tool. By doing research on biochemistry usingWikipedia, we can see a vast amount of content that assists in learning, however givingspace for questions recurring about its reliability. OBJECTIVES: The research aims toverify if the information about Biochemistry found on Wikipedia are consistent to thosefound in the book "Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry" and present its references.MATERIAL AND METHODS: In order to evaluate selected topics in the biochemistry suchas proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids; the rates of Wikipedia and the bookwere compared and also the concepts presented in each subject in order to analyze theapproach and content of information that the Wiki uses. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION:Considering only the indices, it is possible to say that the contents found in the Wiki listthe same issues that the book addresses, but organization is different. It also featuresseveral references from books of Biochemistry. When comparing the informationcontained in Wikipedia, we realize that they are in accordance with those found in thebook, but in a superficial way, making new sources of knowledge necessary to delve intothe content. CONCLUSIONS: Wikipedia can and should be used as an introductory toolfor acquiring knowledge about biochemistry. However, like any source of consultation, theWiki is not able to replace all other sources of reference since its approaches are brief,making the studies easily conducted and reaching only superficial levels.


Wikipedia, search, biochemistry

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