Evaluation of Educational Media Covering Biochemistry Concepts

Lima C.A., A.O. Ferreira, A.V. Pereira, G. G. Hornink


INTRODUCTION: With the increase of Information and Communications Technologies, ithas developed many tools which can be used in the biochemistry teaching, such aswebsites, films, educational software, that enable the visualization of microscopic andsubmicroscopic processes which has a difficult understanding. The use of software can bean integrating part of the teaching learning process, in order to assist or to contribute for abetter construction of knowledge. OBJECTIVES: Identify the educational media availablefor teaching biochemistry and to evaluate, qualitatively, these tools. MATERIAL ANDMETHODS: The educational media were selected through searchers on the web and theywere evaluated by four evaluators, using a specific questionnaire. The form was madeusing quality parameters in the following areas: media technical quality; educationalaspects; content and use; and the use in virtual environments. A scale from 1 to 5, NA (notapplicable) were used and yes or no for the binary questions. After, was made theaverages and standard deviations by category and media. RESULTS ANDDISCUSSIONS: Were selected and evaluated 40 educational medias, highlighting thefollowing results in the media technical quality: ease of access, ease of installation andreliability, however, need to improve the interactivity of these media, as well asaccessibility. On the educational aspects issue the highlights are for updated informationand the way they enable the construction of knowledge. When referring to the contentassessed, the item that stood out was the exemption of textual errors. The lowest valuesof the evaluation, overall, gave up the use in virtual environments, indicating the demandfor better integration with these environments. CONCLUSION: Applications reviewsexpressed concern in its construction, with respect to general aspects of quality, however,still demand a greater concern about the interaction with the student, and betteraccessibility and incorporation into virtual environments.


Teaching biochemistry, educational media, evaluating medias

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.16923/reb.v12i1.356


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