Simposium 19: Teaching Offers Many Possibilities

Denise Vaz Macedo



Chair: V. Trindade

Bayardo Torres; Clovis Wannmacher; Denise Macedo



Teaching Offers Many Possibilities

Denise Vaz Macedo

Biochemistry Department, Biology Institute, Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil.


In the last years my research lines are maintained exclusively through my biochemistry teaching activities at graduation and specialization course (360h). The teaching methodology used was developed over these 20 years into the classroom research. It is based on five practical activities carried out at the initial moment by the students themselves, who monitor the effects of different physical activity situations through the measurement of some plasma metabolites on point of care devices. After instructions the students perform the exercises collects and tabulate the data generated and document all the doubts arising. The educational goal right now is to show that the theory related to muscle contraction, the ATP-producing metabolic pathways is linked to their profession. At adequate moments each group presents to the whole class the practical activity carried out, the data and the doubts produced. After a fully discussion the students are able to relate the data to the studied theory. Also the initial doubts are clarified. A questionnaire applied before and after the discipline indicates the learning effectiveness of this method. Some other results: the students who have demonstrated special interest in the classroom normally join into de lab. Simultaneously they are also prepared for the teaching activity. The demand of specialization course is greater than the supply. The financial resources generated are expressive and administered by the University Foundation. They are fully applied to purchase permanent and consumption materials and for the payment of eventual scholarships for lab researchers. The publication in indexed journals has been constant and regular, and the obtained experimental results always return to the classroom, allowing that consistently an activity feed the other. Interestingly, it's so unlikely the possibility of teaching funding a research lab that in CV Lattes there is not possible to document it. Only research projects financed by the grant agencies are accepted. However, our experience shows that there are alternatives that must be considered.


teaching, Biochemistry, possibilities

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