Biochemistry on the Media: daily science in audio and video

B. P. Melo et al


Biochemistry on the Media: daily science in audio and video

Melo,B. P1; Henriques, L. R1; Júnior, H. G2; Galvão, G. R2; Costa, M. M2; Silva, A. S3; Costa, M. P3; Barreto, L. P3; Almeida, A. A3; Fontes, P. P3; Meireles, L. M3; Costa, P. A3; Costa, C. B3; Monteiro, L. M. O3 Konig, I. M3; Dias, B. K. M1; Santos, R. C. V1; Bagno, F. F1; Fernandes, L1; Alves, P. R1; Sales, F. M1; Martins, T. C. N1; Moreira, V. J. V1; Marchiori, J. M1; Medeiros, L.4; Leite, J. P. V5; Moraes, G. H. K6.


1 Members of ETP-Biochemistry UFV; 2 Students of program Jovens Talentos para a Ciência UFV; 3 Graduating Students of ETP; 4 Coordinator in Espaço Ciência UFV; 5 Pharmaceutical, professor at Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Department (BBD) UFV, ETP’s tutor; 6 Agronomist, professor at BDD, work’s advisor.


INTRODUCTION: The Educational Tutorial Program in Biochemistry (ETP) from UFV have worked in qualification of basic science teachers, offering courses about Biochemistry. In courses, was detected the necessity of a personal material to inspire them. To do it, ETP compiled some media spots in a box and have used it in qualification courses.

OBJECTIVES: The objective of this work was construct a part of a permanent material to be used in courses to qualifications high school's teachers and evaluate it.

METODOLOGY: Applying questionnaires to high school students, ETP's members had detected that these students don't have a solid idea about how is Biochemistry. Thus, themes about common Biochemistry daily things were elected to be transformed in spots to radio and television. Texts about shampoo composition, vegetable’s darkening, bread’s fermentation, etc, were written and a script done by Journalism’s students of Espaço Ciência(*). Finally, the spots were recorded and vehiculated on universitary channel. In 2013, the spots were compiled in a media box. It has been included in a permanent material used in qualification courses. According to ALBAGLI (1996), science popularization can be done by a lot of communication vehicles. Corroborating, MEDEIROS (2005) tells that “the science makes knowledge and the journalism strives in disseminate it”.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: In the end of courses, questionary has been applied to evaluate the material's quality and the applicability to students, showing that 83,3% of teachers thought excelent the quality of the material offered and 73,3% thought the content applicable or partially applicable.

CONCLUSION: The box is a good material and its content is aplicable to high school. We can offer a vehicle for science popularization, and we can rouse curiosity and critical sense on the public, making it an effective way to divulge the Biochemistry. Thus, the album allows that the educational process can be done in a playful manner.

Key-words: radio, television, spots, audio, video. Biochemistry Education.

Sponsors: FAPEMIG and National Institute of Science and Technology in Plant-Pest Interactions (NISTPPI)


(*) Espaço Ciência is a project developed by Journalism’s students from UFV. In this project, they have done television and radio programs with scientific themes to divulgate on College’s Radio and TV.






Visual Elements:


Below, the art made to illustrate the book and the cover’s box.


adio, television, spots, audio, video. Biochemistry Education

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MEDEIROS, Léa Regina. Ordem no caos: Como os jornalistas selecionam pautas sobre ciência e tecnologia em Minas Gerais. Viçosa: UFV,2005 Tese (Mestrado)-Programa de Pós-Graduação em Extensão Rural, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Viçosa,2005.

ALBAGLI, S. Divulgação científica: informação cientifica para a cidadania?

Ciência da informação, v. 25, n. 3, p. 396-404, 1996.



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