Krebs Roulette: Educative Game as Strategy of learning-teaching process in Biochemistry

C. N. Almada, M. S. Vasconcelos, C. Nunes de Almada, F.W.P. Maia,, E. F. Mota, D. Fernandes de Melo


The Biochemistry study is complex and many times is restricted to memorization of theorical contents. The educational game could be an catalytic element, capable to contribute in the process of regaining the student's interest. The aim of this work was to create, apply and evaluate an educative game called “Krebs Roulette”. The game contents were 1 roulette, 3 board cards, 48 question cards and complementary game chips. In an experimental tryout, five students joined the test-play in the presence of a mediator. The game duration was one hour. The students were submitted to an evaluation under Krebs Cycle before and after the game. About the game strategy, the students noticed as positive points: easy to play, didactic, making the learn easier. The evaluation of the quizzes, even with a so small experimental group, indicated a significant increase in the teach-learning process. The achieved results suggest that the game could be used as complementary tool for comprehension of the Krebs Cycle as strategy of learning-teaching in Biochemistry.


biochemistry, educative game, Krebs Cycle.

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