Exploring Proteins Purification Techniques Animations as Tools for the Biochemistry Teaching.

C. Cortez, A. Szepaniuk, L. Gomes da Silva


Some classical techniques usually applied in protein purification and characterization are most important to understand different aspects related to protein structure. These experiments can be carried out beyond the laboratory because security and logistics reasons but its basic concepts and their applicability may be better understood with the help of virtual models and animations. The objective of this work was to produce interactive virtual models and animations of equipments used in protein purification and characterization. To make the animations were used real protein structures downloaded from PubMed with the aid of CN3D software. Electrophoresis equipments, chromatography columns, HPLC's and spectrophotometers models were built used software Google sketch up. Final animations were compiled with macromedia flash software giving more interactivity to these tools. To supply tools of help to the users of the produced material some avatars are designed with Iclone and Crazy Talk softwares.


Spectrophotometry Chromatography Electrophoresis Protein Structure Biochemistry Animation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.16923/reb.v8i2.215


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