Students’ Blogs as a Tool for Learning Clinical Biochemistry

E. Cubas, J. Oliveira, F. Lobo, D.M. Mesquita, M. Hermes-Lima


n the past decade, there has been an exponential growth of blogs on biomedical subjects with reliable contents. The potential use of this media as a learning tool has been recently tried in a medical residence at Harvard University, where students had to produce blogs as part of their duties. At Brasília University, a similar experience was tested with freshmen medical and nutrition students taking Basic Biochemistry (BB) with the goal of producing blogs on clinical biochemistry (CB) topics. In the last 4 teaching-semesters, students' acceptance (n=267 students) regarding BB-blogs was evaluated through 6-point Likert questionnaires. 84% of them agreed that the preparation of their blogs was enjoyable and positive for their academic formation (they marked 4 to 6 in the questionnaire). 57% of students (those marking 5-6) believed that the elaboration of blogs boosted their interest for BB/CB. For 56% of students (those marking 5-6), the blogs motivated them to look for extra-class articles on CB. Only 13% of students (those marking 1-3) did not agree that these blogs are relevant learning tools. 38 out of 58 students’ BB-blogs scored 9.0 or above, only 3 scored below 7.9 (out of 10). These results suggest that student blogs have potential to be effective in stimulating CB learning.


Medical education, Internet, Active learning.

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