An Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Mediation of Scientific knowledge Through a Biosensor

S.R. Souza, A.P. Bandeira, C.L.M. Carrasco, N.S. Leite, T.F. Barros, K.C.S. Freitas, S.A. Silva, L.C.B.B. Coelho


Food rich in sugar and/or fat increases the levels of lipids in the blood and induces the formation of atheromatous plaques in blood vessel walls; chronic diseases are generated by inadequate alimentary habits. The aim of this work was to develop adevice to be used in schools and educative workshops as a tool to evaluate fat concentration in industrialized broths and promote interest of the scientific knowledge. A biosensor was then constructed to perform potentiometric analysis. Industrialized broth tablet (1 g) was dissolved in distilled water (5, 25 and 50 ml); 5ml of each solution were transferred to an electrochemical cell. The results showed an increase of voltage after 3 min of enzymatic catalysis (49.56 to 58.38mV) in relation to fat concentration. Experimental activities were essential andadjusted as didactic resources to justify its validity, a direction for its developmentand contributing for conceptual pedagogical changes. In conclusion, the experience facilitates the knowledge for the students since the biosensor can be constructed and the study of the involved reactions can be discussed in a transdisciplinary device.


transdisciplinary mediation, didactic resources, biosensor, fat.

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