Using Sites From Internet in the Chemistry Teaching

M. P. S. Azevedo, T. S. Azevedo, R. M. Lima, K. V. S. Fernandes


The formation of the student researcher is tied directly to their conduct in seeking information on the Internet. The objective of this study is to assess the way in which students of chemistry at high school level in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes / RJ, make their web searches, highlighting the necessary care and guiding the correct way to use the data available. For this, we examined the contents of General Chemistry available on Web sites and analyzed through qualitative research, the frequency and how the evaluated students manage the avaiable data. The survey showed that 35% of students use the Internet to conduct research in Chemistry area and of these, only 22% compare the information obtained with information from academical books. Only 13% of the students consult their teachers about the information obtained from the Web. Regarding the six sites tested, none was considered excellent taking into account reliability parameters proposed by Hung (2004), as accuracy, objectivity, currency and authority. It is therefore important that students establish contact with the Internet in order to bring information to the classroom, however it is vital that these students do not see it as absolute truth and assess the criticality of the content provided on it.


Chemistry, Internet, Learning, Students.

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