A.C. Burlamaque- Neto, L.M. Lisboa, C.G. Ricci, G. R. Santos, M.L . Saraiva -Pereira, R. Guigliani, C.L .B. Machado, U. Matte


Evaluation of gene therapy protocols in our laboratory led us to detect the need for the  development of  more friendly and comprehensive approach esto theexperimental  techniquesinvolved. Two sequential cartoon stories were created to portrait plasmid purification, electrophoresis separation, gel band purification and cell culture transfection protocols.  This work aims the implementation of art-education materi als in scientific research. Scripts were created based onprotocols used  in our lab. Four studentsfrom  Centro de Terapia Gênicawere selected to participate  of each stories’  implementation . Participants received theoretical explanations about protocols ,  attended a demo nstration and performed the respective  techniques  individually.   Students were interviewed using a semi -structured script.  Interviews’ contentswerequalitatively analyzedin regard to Edgar Morin’s complexity theoretical reference. A  complementary activity was heldwith the participants.  Techniques mentioned above are  portraitin two comicsstories named  Freedom for  ß- Galleyand  Purification for Cell RealityTransformation. The association of cartoons to formal protocols is viable. Memory andcomplex thinking  stimuli were reported, as well as better comprehension of the inter- relationships between protocols’ steps. This work has produced art -education materials that provide better understanding of protocols and stimulate students’ reflections  on scientific method  and  science learning in a n academic biological research environment . A soundtrack for cartoons is being  recorded.


gene therapy protocols,

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