A Domino Game Developed To Integrate Basic Disciplines Of Graduation Courses In The Biomedical Area

J. D. Gonçalves, M. S. Leal, C. C. Albuquerque, K. L. Nunes, L. B. Queiroz, M Gandra


Undergraduate students of the biomedical area, such as Medicine, Odontology, Biomedicine,  show considerable difficulty in learni ng basic disciplines, which contributes to the high degree of failure shown in these disciplines. Among them, Biochemistry is “accused” of being the most difficult one and integration of its contents with other  disciplines is still not fully achieved, despite the new technological tools available nowadays. Considering this, some Odontology students produced a domino game to exercise biochemistry knowledge while integrating it with microbiology, but keeping the fun of the original game. In this version of the classic game the number on the pieces were changed to specific subjects in biochemistry or microbiology. Associating the pieces require not only the ordinary strategies of the classic game, but also the academic experience on the related areas. The  students involved in the  development of this game acknowledged it as a helpful tool to better understanding biochemistry as well as microbiology. The formal presentation of the game to the others students of our class brought up similar considerations. The production and distribution of this kind of games might help young students of their career beginnings.


Domino Game, Biomedical Area.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.16923/reb.v7i2.189


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