The Influence of the Tutorial activity in the academic, didactic and social development of the tutors of biochemistry at UFV.

M.C. Baracat-Pereira, A.M.X. Carvalho, F.Q. Mendes, M.A. Sartori, T.R. Costa, H.J.V. Pereira, T.A. Pinho, P.E.A. Marinho, J.C. Silva, F.R. Teixeira, P.C. Braathen


The Tutorial Program  in Biochemistry, implemented at UFV in 2000, is characterized by the actuation of the  students as tutors, seeking to level the  prior  knowledge among students of biochemistry.  The tutors, official or volunteer,  are under graduated students (tutor I) and post-graduated students (tutor II). The  aim of this  study  was to show the  profile of a tutor of biochemistry and  its influence in his academic,  didactic  and  social development.  A questionnaire of 31 questions  was answered  by tutors that acted  between  2000 and  2004, and  the  main  comments  were detached.   From  29 tutors  who frequented  the program  during the period (5 tutors II and 24 tutors I), 19 answered the questionnaire. The  average  time  of permanence  of the tutors in  this  program  was  9 months,  varying  from  4 to28 months.   Fourteen from the  19 students that worked  as tutors chose to  act  in the  program  for the  possibility  of teaching  and  also helped  them  to  be more  extroverted and  they  felt satisfied  to help other  people which contributes effectively for the  training of the  ones who want to  follow the academic career.  It also contributes professionally by increasing the capacity of relationship in group, dynamism,  decisions and  organization, characteristics that are more and more appraised  in the  job market.    It  was verified that the  studies  of the  tutors were modified  by  the  necessity  of preparing the  classes because  to teach,  you need to understand the subject  and  you need to present  it to the student in the best way, you have to consider the life and the previous knowledge of the student. To all of them,  the  program  helped them  to improve  the oratory  and  your organization and  develops a sense of professional  responsibility, assiduity  and  punctuality.  In general,  the  Tutorial Program has contributed for the professional, personal and social maturity of the tutors, corresponding  to an ample and satisfactory experience for the human  development of these students.


didactic and social development, Biochemistry.

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