Multimedia Material to Help Photosynthesis Teaching in Regular and Distance Classes

G.R.T. Costa, D.A. Milhomem, C.M.R. Lima, M.S. Castro, W. Fontes


The  difficulties  related  to  the  understanding of biochemistry  concepts  and  processes  observed during  regular  classes using  only schemes  and  static  pictures  have  raised  the  interest of professors towards  multimedia material.   In  the  few last  decades  we could  notice the  development of many computational tools that are helping this  process.  This  work presents a software  elaborated to show the  phases  of Photosynthesis (both  light-dependent  and  independent  processes).   FLASH  software was used to  make  regular  classes more attractive with schemes,  interactivity and  animations to  be projected.   An intuitive navigation system  was elaborated using ActionScript programming, so that students can  use the  same class material  for reviewing the major  topics.   The  students will benefit from characteristics like text boxes, summarizing  the  concepts  displayed  on each screen,  the  guided study  mode that suggests to the student the next  navigation step and the automatic navigation that gives a general look about the theme,  yet keeping the freedom for choosing any available  topic.


Multimedia Material, Photosynthesis Teaching

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