Teaching and Learning on Enzymes: The Need for New didactic tools

M.L. Luiele, J. Leles, M. L. Bianconi


Enzymes  are biological catalysts essential  for vital  chemical reactions  in the  cell.  The proper  under- standing  of enzyme  functioning  is an  important step  to  learn  more about life, the  subject  study  of biology. However, without  the opportunity to use a laboratory, it is difficult to the student to visualize the enzyme function.  Our project  is based in the production of a didactic  tool in a CD-rom media to teach enzymes.  In this way, we intend  to teach enzymology in a easy, playful, and more comprehensive way than  usually  is done by lectures.  The CD-room will present three  main subjects:  (i) Theoretical aspects of enzymes; (ii) Experimental and Interactive; and (iii) Applications.  The first part  will bring short  texts  on the  structure and  function  of enzymes as well as some of their  history.   There  will be also a interactive show of some structures of enzymes,  collected  at  the  Protein Data  Bank,  where important  residues  and  location  of the  active  site will be shown in evidence.   In the  second part  of the CD-rom,  the student will be able to choose from different conditions  (substrate or concentration, pH, and temperature) to visualize the kinetics  of a reaction  in a virtual  spctrophotometer where the changes  in absorbance  with  time  will be based  on actual  experiments done at the laboratory. The kinetic data  bank  includes reaction with  chymotrypsin, trypsin, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, and alkaline phosphatase. From the experiments it will be possible to show how the rate  of a reaction is measured,  and how the kinetic constants can be obtained. The interactive part will show schematics where the  conditions  can be changed  and  a cartoon  corresponding  to the  situation will be displayed and will change according to the movement of a cursor.  Part III will describe some applications of the enzyme in medicine (diagnosis  of diseases),  pharmacology, and  industry. We hope that this  CD-rom will contribute to increase  the  interest of the  studens  and  their  knowledge in enzymology.  It will be intended to undergraduates students of Portuguese language,  and  distributed in Brazil  and  Angola.


glucose-6-phosphate, Theoretical aspects of enzymes

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.16923/reb.v3i1.159


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