Success of the Tutorial Program in Biochemistry at The Federal University of Vi

M.C. Baracat-Pereira, M.A. Sartori, F.Q. Mendes, A.M.X. Carvalho, A.S. Dias, T. Ganda, H.J.V. Pereira, M.A.C. Mendonça, V.R. Paiva, P.C. Braathen


Institutionalized at UFV in 2001, the Tutorial Program in Biochemistry aims to reduce the une-venness of basic prior knowledge among the students enrolled in regular Biochemistry courses. Thework methodology has been periodically evaluated and rened in order to overcome identied pro-blems. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the Tutorial Program based on the stu-dentsachievement, to show implemented modications and proposed alternatives to adjust methodo-logies. The student-nal-grades were obtained from UFV les. Questionnaires were applied to thePrograms students at the end of each semester. Suggestions and criticism from tutors and coordinatingprofessors were discussed at weekly meetings. Along six semesters (2001-2003), a leveling o of thetutorial students was observed with the attending students (S, minimum of 75% attendance, averagegrade 71.3) that got grades close to the average of no-tutorial students (average grade 71.5). For thetutorial students with attendance below the required minimum (N), the average grade was 58.8. Thefailure rate for grade S students (7.4%) was lower then that for no-tutorial students (9.9%) and forgrade N students (27.9%). Based on the lled out questionnaire from tutorial students, we observeas follows: 96.7% stated that it is eective to participate in the Program and 79.9% modied theirstudy approach. Among the modications implemented in the Program, are as folows: 1) Increase inthe number of tutorial groups (from 4 to 6); 2) Reduction in the number of volunteer-students, givingpriority to students with decient prior knowledge in pre-requisite-disciplines; and 3) Time reductionof tutorial sessions (from 3 to 2h weekly), with smaller groups and exercise classes. Thus, the observedmotivation, the leveling o and the lower failure rate of the S grade tutorial students indicated that theTutorial Program at UFV is improving and reaching its objectives.


New Learning Approaches, Tutorial Program in Biochemistry

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