Teacher Training In Teaching Biochemistry: Potentializing the Teaching Practice in the Graduate

D.F. Escoto, C.B. Soares, R.L. Puntel, V. Folmer, N.B.V. Barbosa


In  Brazil,  perceives  that  the  post-graduation  lato  sensu  and  strictu  sensu  have  formed professionals  to  carry  out  the  teaching  in  higher  education.  The  Master  course  in Biochemistry,  Federal  University  of  Pampa  search  through  the  curricular  component "Theory and Practice in Higher Education", provide spaces for reflection and proposition about  teaching  practice  to  prepare  their  learners  for  teaching  in  higher  education, discussing  topics  about  the  history  of  higher  education  in  Brazil  and  preparation  to teaching  in  post-graduate  courses.  In  this  work,  we  seek  to  report  the  importance  of these  discussions  in  graduate  programs  and  as  professionals  in  various  areas  of knowledge can discuss and identify the current situation of higher education in Brazil in search  of  improving  their  practice  through  the  participants  perceptions  of  curricular component.  In  this  sense,  the  discussions  highlight  the  importance  of  this  formative space  for  understanding  about  teaching  in  higher  education,  demystifying  the professional's  performance  and  its  relationship  with  the  teaching,  research  and extension.  In  conclusion,  we  highlight  the  relevance  this  model  of  pedagogical  training the  within  the  framework  the  post-graduation,  stressing  that  these  are  spaces  that contribute  to  the  teacher  training  developing  critical  and  reflective  perceptions,  making learning meaningful and potentiating the teaching practice.


Educational Practice, Pedagogical Training, Education of Biochemistry.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.16923/reb.v10i2.130


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